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Easy to use Taxonomy Manager to Customize Taxonomies and its Custom Fields.

This plugin is an Easy to use Taxonomy Manager to Customize Taxonomies and its Custom Fields.

You can use the  menus to create Custom Taxonomies as well as Create Custom Fields to store more information
about your Taxonomies.

Custom Taxonomies :

• All fields except name and post types are optional in Create Taxonomy form.

• When you delete a Taxonomy then the data Taxonomy has saved does not get removed, So if you want to use the Taxonomy again just recreate it again with same name.

Custom Fields :

• You can create custom fields for any taxonomy except Media types.

• To display Custom Fields in the posts you can use shortcode [xy_{name of taxonomy}] where {name of taxonomy} is the Name of Taxonomy.

• Advanced use of Short Code : [xy_{name of taxonomy} field=”{field name}“] can be used to display value of Custom Field of Taxonomy.

Update 1.1.9

Another attribute has been added to the short code and it can be used to parse the Text box content as HTML. In simple terms you can add HTML to term’s textbox and use the following short code to show the HTML output on the frontend.

[xy_{name of taxonomy} field=”{field name}”  decode =1]

Feel free to ask me for any further support…!!!

  1. Dave says:

    Looks good but when I try to create a custom field it is not created and I get the message ‘Field name not available’
    Why would this be?
    I am using Firefox browser,website hosted on Linux server ,mysql 5.0.91-community ,php 5.2.11,Wordpress version 3.02
    My example is:
    taxonomy name: dogbreed
    custom field: subtype
    custom field: country
    custom field: size

    Your help appreciated !

  2. PVieira says:

    Hi! When i create a new taxonomy is there any url associated to the taxonomy?

    Thank you for the plugin.

    • XYDAC says:

      yes there is url associated, If you know PHP then you can generate Tag cloud using

      <?php wp_tag_cloud( 'taxonomy'=> 'taxonomy_name' ); ?>

      Replacing taxonomy_name with required taxonomy name.


  3. Agnese says:

    and what is the url for taxonomy?

    • XYDAC says:

      Try checking out the edit.php page for post type, thats should show you the path to taxonomy in the shortest way.


  4. Mozoot says:

    Great post!!!, thanks.

  5. Hugh says:


    This is a really great plugin concept…

    but I fear that more work needs to be done to make it production quality…

    Currently, I can only randomly get the “add image” to function…

    I REALLY want to use this plugin on many sites, but this issue needs to be resolved…

    Any ideas? Plugin conflict?

    Can you make the image capability use a simple “paste URL” instead of using the image library?

    How can I manually add the image URL to the custom tax?

    Thanks for a quick reply…

  6. surfweb says:


    I’m using your plugin (Taxonomy Manager) and I have this problem: if I do not use permalinks if everything works as I use them from 404.

    How can I do?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

  7. surfweb says:

    Please… help me!!!

    • XYDAC says:

      Hey surfweb,
      you could try this till next release :

      add these lines to ‘ultimate-taxonomy-manager.php’ just after `update_option(“xydac_taxonomies”,$taxonomies);`
      add these lines
      ` global $wp_rewrite;

      Do let me know if it doesn’t work.:)


  8. surfweb says:

    Thank for your reply.

    I feel the change and let you know.

  9. surfweb says:

    your solution works!


  10. Rich says:

    My single pages are failing when I turn on permalinks. What could it be?

    • Rich says:

      I think I should also mention that I tried your fix as described in the comment thread above this one. I get a 404 if I use anything but the default links (no pretty permalinks)

      • XYDAC says:

        Hey Rich,
        whats the wp ver you are using??
        also php?
        ultimate taxonomy manager ver??
        do let me know these to help ya properly


        • rich gilberto says:

          3.1 RC 3, php5, and the latest version of your plugin.

          It works beautifully with default linking

        • Rich says:


          Also I don’t know what’s causing this but sometimes nothing in my “do_shortcode();” functions come up for individual taxonomy slug pages. I can send my code, but it might be quicker if we could IRC this issue?

          • XYDAC says:

            @Rich i am really not able to work out the the plugin these days would be really great if you could send me a mail with code you are using and i’ll look into it..
            Sorry for the delay..:(


  11. Greg Picken says:

    I’ve created custom a custom taxonomy for ESRB ratings, and I’ll be assigning one to each of our video games. I’ve added the appropriate icon to each taxonomy item. How can I code that into my theme, rather that using a shortcode into the article text.

    Absolutely loving this and ultimate post type manager!



    • XYDAC says:

      Yes, you can use the shortcode to acces the values, and to add it to theme you can use the following code:

      echo do_shortcode('[{short-code-name}]');
      such as :
      echo do_shortcode('[xy_project]');
      • Greg Picken says:

        Ok, I tried that and its not working. My custom taxonomy for reviews is called rating, and under ratings in the reviews (custom post) area, i created all my rating options and added the images that I want to be displayed when each review is assigned a rating. I did not create any custom fields in the rating taxonomy.

        So I put in echo do_shortcode(‘[rating]’); above in the sidebar block containing all the other game details, and all I get is [rating] written in the sidebar. I tried it on it’s own, in a php , but nothing.

        Obviously, I’m missing something, but I’m not sure what it is. Can you help again? I’m hoping it’s something obvious, then the images will show up on each review post when you select the rating from the box. Hopefully!



  12. Greg Picken says:

    Got it figured out. Man, these two plugins are awesome.

    • XYDAC says:

      @Greg : Glad you figured it out…I’ve been so busy all these days…..:(
      @Rich : I couldn’t find the problem behind it..i’m trying to fix this one asap..will let ya know when it’s done…:)

      • Greg Picken says:

        If it helps anyone else, I created the taxonomy called rating, created a bunch of entries, then created a custom field called icon, put images into the icon field, then posted the code below to make them show up in the theme:

        <img src="

  13. Sergio says:

    I have a problem. I have set up a taxonomy called “clients” with 7 custom meta fields. On the main admin page for adding and editing clients, there is the familiar table on the right listing all of the existing clients. The problem is, each meta field gets a column in this table, and as a result each column is so thin that the text is not readable. I don’t need any of the meta fields to appear as columns in this table – the default ‘name’, ‘slug’ and ‘description’ columns are enough. How can I get rid of all of the other columns so I can still read them properly?

    Here is an example of the problem:

  14. Rich says:

    I’ve solved most of my issues on my own except I’m running into a bit of a problem adding a second taxonomy to the same custom post type.

    I made a ‘bands’ post type for my events custom post type (list of bands playing, each with their own info page, i love it) but now I have a ‘galleries’ CPT for which i’d like to make a ‘photographers’ taxonomy AND have ‘bands’ on there as well (bands get tagged in galleries, you can see list of photogs’ work)

    Unfortunately I’m running into an issue that the ‘photographers’ taxonomy does not show up on the “add new gallery” page. The box is checked off in ‘screen options’ but doesn’t show on the edit page. Could it be a conflict with the ‘bands’ taxonomy that’s already there?

    WordPress v 3.1 RC-3 and latest version of your plugin.

    • XYDAC says:

      Hey Rich,
      I don’t think this is my plugin issue as i have attached multiple taxonomies to a single cpt and they are working pretty well.can u check the conflict by disabling all other plugins you’re using..?
      Also I would love to see your work online…:)..seems intresting.


  15. Jeff says:

    I have installed Ultimate Taxonomy manager on my WP3.1 site. It was working great until I installed Ultimate Post Type Manager.

    When I try to access a taxonomy archive ( I get a 404 page. It was working great before I install UPTM and it works when I deactivate UPTM.

    Must be a rewrite problem somewhere. Any idea?

    Thank you.

  16. Spewft says:

    I have created a taxonomy called ListName and on three posts I entered test as the item in the taxonomy.

    When I go to it works just fine but when I try to do [xy_listname] nothing shows up or [xy_ListName] or [xy_lists] I even tried adding field=”test” on all of them.

    I have no clue what I am doing wrong.

    • Tiger says:

      I’m also having the same problem

      none of my terms are showing when I use the shortcode

      all i see on the pages is the same shortcode I entered and not the actual terms

      any ideas ?

  17. Grollaz says:

    Hi, i use WPML to translate my website in italian and english, how i can translate the slug and taxonomy?


  18. nguyen says:

    Hi guy,
    thank for great pluggin!
    I got some interface problem,coz I have to add 8-10 filed to one taxonomyc
    Bcoz such a big amount of field,listing table layout broken.
    I wanna to display default field only in listing table,any solution for me?
    Thank you in advance.

  19. Dave says:

    Hey ZYDAC. I was checking out your plugins. They are great. I thought you’d maybe like to work together on a project. My client is looking to build a Job Board that requires a custom post type and custom taxonomies that is a bit different than what your plugin or others I’ve seen can do. So I thought we could work together on this if you’re interested and have the time.

    If you are, please drop me an email and I’ll send over some wireframes of the admin area so you can get an idea of what they are looking for.



  20. Hi
    I am a newbie with wordpress, and would like to know whether we can have a collapsable list of taxonomies in the sidebar? And how?
    I need the answer fast, as I am completing a new website based on this fact.

    Thanks in advance
    Kaamil Nakhasi

  21. Deborah says:


    I’m trying to use an UT custom field to filter and sort my taxonomy data, but the shortcode only seems to retrieve custom field data with respect to a post. What about with respect to the taxonomy itself? Is there a simple shortcode for this?

  22. Mr Null says:

    Plugin going down whan changing PHP version.
    I have different PHP versions on my development and production servers. On development server i have PHP 5.2.17 that runs as CGI and on production server PHP version is 5.3.2 and it runs as apache module. While workng on development server (PHP 5.2.17), plugin works fine, but when i move project to production server (PHP 5.3.2, database and files are 100% identical), plugin does not work.
    Taxonomies, created with plugin while development, become unavailable. I dont see it in administration section and functions like get_the_term_list return WP_Error (invalid_taxonomy).

  23. D says:

    Having similar with Mr. Null. Works on our dev environment, but having problems activating on production. When trying to activate, gets the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare category_exists() (previously declared in C:\xxxx\xxxx\wp-admin\includes\taxonomy.php:21) in C:\xxxx\xxxx\wp-admin\includes\taxonomy.php on line 26

  24. Hi,
    I love your plugin but I have just one issue.

    My problem: The single custom_post_type template is being ignored in the hierarchy and the content is not shown with 404 error showing instead.

    I think is related with the permalinks because my entries in the regular post type (using date based permalink) everything is fine and the single.php template is working properly.

    Would you help me please???

    Last version of WordPress.
    Last version of your plugin.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Alex Timmer says:

      I have the same problem, did you figure anything out?

      • mjerezlazo says:

        Nope. I’m still with the same problem. I deactivated the plugin refreshed the permalinks and all was back to normal. The hierarchy worked fine again… so it is surely a conflict with the permalinks…

        If I find any solution I’ll post it.

  25. Luke says:

    I’m having trouble attaching image to a custom taxonomy (via Custom Post Type UI plug-in – 0.7.1). I get the media pop up to select the image but when I click on Insert into Post, it doesn’t attach the image to the taxonomy term. Other custom fields are okay. I am able to save them.

    Environment: WordPress 3.2.1. Ultimate Taxonomy Manager 1.2. Custom theme (not based on any delivered themes and it’s pretty basic). Other plug-ins: Advanced Custom Fields 2.1.4 and Custom Post Type UI 0.7.1.

    I had this working in a sandbox environment. The main differences between the two environments are: sandbox use default Twenty-Eleven theme; Ultimate Post Type Manager was activated in sandbox but later deactivated; Advanced Custom Fields is 2.1.3 in sandbox;

    I have searched through here to see if anyone had the same problem but I was not able to find anything similar. I have also tried Google. Nothing helped. I have tried deleting everything (the custom post type, the custom taxonomy associated with it, and the custom fields associated with the custom taxonomy. Didn’t help. I’ve tried deactivating the plug-in and reactivating it. Didn’t solve the problem.

    I copied the custom theme to my sandbox and was able to attach images to the custom taxonomy terms. I assumed this means the theme is not the cause of my problem.

    One thing I did find interesting is that there are some entries in the wp_options tables only in my sandbox. They are: xydac_active_field_types, xydac_cpt, and xydac_taxonomies. If my research is correct, xydac_active_field and xydac_cpt are for custom post types.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



  26. Jeff says:

    Have just started using taxonomy manager and all is working well except that my custom taxonomy columns in the edit post list are blank (even when a taxonomy has been selected for that post). The column headers are there, but no values.

    Anyone know how to fix this?


  27. I am trying to list taxonomy images and names in 2 columns. Kind of like imdb list of actors. I managed to do the styling, but the images and titles are not active links.

    I inserted the list with the shortcode – echo do_shortcode(‘[xy_cast]’);
    How is that it inserts only the content, but not the active links to the corensponding taxonomy archive.

  28. Atom says:

    I am a newbie with php, and I am wondering if someone could help me with custom fields.

    I create Field for categorises –

    Taxonomy Name: category,
    Field Name: category-image,
    Field Label: Category Image,
    Field Type: image,
    Field Description:Category Image.

    and from category page I try to call the image url by code below

    echo do_shortcode(‘[xy_category field=”category-image”]’)

    but unfortunately it doesn’t give me proper results, in all categories it give me one the same image, so I am wondering if someone could show me how code should looks like to call proper image for category…

    Thanks a lot

  29. Samir says:

    XYDAC –
    First thanks for the great pluggin.

    Second. I am having trouble outputting the display of multiple taxonomy images in the archive.php

    Example. I am building a sports site and I have a custom taxonomy called “team”. I have assigned to a new post 2 different teams because the post discusses two teams. I would like in my archive search to output logos for both teams not just one. In using the do_shortcode… I am only getting the first team displayed but not the other. Is there a way to output all assigned to a post?

  30. Gaetan says:

    I have added an ‘Image’ field to Categories, so each category has got an image associated to it.
    Could you tell me how to display the linked image next to the Category Name and description without the website ?

  31. William Bull says:

    What is the code to display a tag cloud of taxonomy terms within a WordPress template?

  32. William Bull says:

    To show a list of standard WordPress tags for a post, I used to use:


    What is the code to display a list of a post’s taxonomy terms?

  33. William says:

    Can you please change “William Bull” to “William” in the above two comments I left? And, delete this comment? Thank you.

  34. Ana Rita says:

    Can I put, in a post loop:

    [post title]
    [tax_term1] [tax_term1-fieldx], [tax_term2] [tax_term2-fieldx], …

    (this is, perhaps, a category loop within a post loop)

    And, if so, how?
    Thank you

  35. Will says:

    I am still hoping that you will answer my request in this comment:

  36. binarystarr says:

    Hi there
    i am wondering if it’s possible to bulk import into a taxonomy? I am creating a books site with 1300 books. I have a custom type for the books but there are several hundred authors i would like to add into a custom taxonomy.

    Please dont tell me i have to add them one by one

  37. Kyle says:

    Hi there-
    I’m looking for a custom plugin that handles some custom taxonomies and prepopualted terms. Perhaps you’d be interested in some side work? You can see the details and my contact information here:


  38. Tom says:


    I’m having problems with adding images.
    When I add images by pressing Upload from Computer or From URL it works perfect, but when I add an image from the media library button and I choose one my popup turns into an empty white screen.

    Anyone a solution?


    • I’m having this issue as well. All was working fine until I restarted my apache yesterday and now if Ultimate Taxonomy is activated my client facing and admin pages are white (“white screen of death). I need help with this ASAP. Thanks!

  39. dave says:


    There’s a problem when creating a new taxonomy term that also exists as a category item.

    To test:

    1. Create a category item ‘Test’ leaving the slug blank (to default to ‘test’)
    2. Create a taxonomy term with name ‘Test’, again leaving slug blank (this ALSO will be saved as ‘test’!)
    3. Quick-edit the taxonomy name to ‘Test1’.
    4. You’ll notice that the category name has also changed!!!! (likewise if changing category name then checking the taxonomy)

    Problem is that changing the slug term in either category/taxonomy also changes the corresponding category/taxonomy as well

    I only spotted this when I needed to change the semantics of the wording within my taxonomy and noticed that the category changed as well – which wasn’t wanted or expected.

  40. nimrod says:

    Hi, thanks for all the work you’ve put into this. iv’e added a custom field to all categories ‘show_in_homepage’. its a combo with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as options.
    i’m pulling all the categories that have a given parent category 2
    $args = array(
    ‘type’ => ‘post’,
    ‘child_of’ => 2,
    ‘parent’ => ”,
    ‘orderby’ => ‘name’,
    ‘order’ => ‘ASC’,
    ‘hide_empty’ => 0,
    ‘hierarchical’ => 1,
    ‘exclude’ => ”,
    ‘include’ => ”,
    ‘number’ => ”,
    ‘taxonomy’ => ‘category’,
    ‘pad_counts’ => false,

    $cats= get_categories( $args );

    this works fine and is irrelevant to custom category fields.
    now and i also want to filter by ‘show_in_homepage’.
    ‘show_in_homepage’ => ‘yes’,
    to the args array did not do it.
    how can this be accomplished?
    nim rod

  41. Interesting blog! Is your theme custom made or did you
    download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my
    blog shine. Please let me know where you got your design. Kudos

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  43. actressspot says:

    Is it possible to display the taxmonoy for the post in single.php

  44. usch9106 says:

    After I installing your plugin and create new taxonomy for my page, I get 404 notice on every page now! Even I delete the plugin and I still cannot open all my page. Can you teach me how to restore to default setting? Thank you!

  45. Hi

    After installing plugin ..i create one filed (description) to custom taxonomy (STORES) and i tried to display it with short code but failed.


  46. After plugin installation getting 404 for all categories and custom taxonomies.

  47. My Ultimate Tax plugin is causing my client facing and admin pages to be blank / white (“white screen of death). I need help with this ASAP. All was working fine until I restarted my apache yesterday. Thanks!

  48. Ketan says:

    Hi, i am using your plugin to add custom field in my custom taxonomy. It’s work fine. but i have one issues. How can i print custom field value in page.

    I am add “Store Address” field with text area type in my custom taxonomy. but i don’t know how can i display this field value in client side.

    Please help me.


    • XYDAC says:


      Check out the page

      I guess you are looking for shortcode [xy_{name of taxonomy} field=”{field name}“]

      Let me know in case you still have issues.


      • XYDAC says:

        Also, Why are you still using this plugin.
        Upgrade to Ultimate CMS, Its cool and has a lot more features.


        • Ketan says:

          Hi XYDAC,

          i am using “Ultimate Taxonomy Manager” plugin.

          . i am see you short code : [xy_{name of taxonomy} field=”{field name}“] to display value of Custom Field of Taxonomy. but how can i add this short code in my .php file?

          Following is my taxonomy detail:

          – Taxonomy name: location
          – Taxonomy Field name: store-address
          – Field Type: text-area

          Please replay me.


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